Learning basic Texas Hold’em Poker Rules is quite helpful to improve your Texas Hold’em Poker Game


Texas Holdem Rules

If your first pocket card dealt is exposed, it leads to a misdeal.  Now the dealer will take back the card, re-shuffle and re-cut the cards. If any other poker card is exposed because of the dealer mistake, the deal will keep on. However, the exposed card might not be reserved. When the hand completes, the dealer will replace that card with the top card on the deck. Now that exposed card will be used for the burn card by the dealer.  If more than one pocket card is exposed, this is a misdeal and will result in a re-deal.
If the flop has too many cards, it must be dealt again. (This rule is applicable even if it was likely to know which card was the additional one.)
If the flop requires to be dealt again, for the reason that cards were permanently flopped before the betting was done, or the flop has too many cards, the board cards are mixed with the rest of the deck. The burn card will remain on the table. When the shuffling is done, the dealer will cut the deck and a new flop is dealt without burning a card.    
If the fourth card on the board is turned by the dealer, before the betting round over, the card will be removed from the play for that round, even if the following players choose to fold. When the betting completes, the dealer will burn and turn what would have been the fifth card instead of the fourth card.  When this round of betting is completed, the dealer will shuffle the deck again, including the card that was removed from the play, however the burn card or discards are not included.  Now the dealer will cut the deck while turning the final card without burning a card.  If the fifth card is turned up too early, the dealer will shuffle the deck again and the cards will be dealt in the same manner.  
If an additional card is dealt to the first player by mistake (when all the players have got their starting hands), the additional card will be returned to the deck and will be used for the burn card. If more than one additional card is dealt by mistake, it is a misdeal.
You have to declare that you are playing the board before you discard your cards, or else, you will lose all claims to the pot.