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Omaha Game

There are four variants of Omaha Poker Game :

Limit Omaha Poker Game
No Limit Omaha Poker Game
Pot Limit Omaha Poker Game
Mixed Omaha Poker Game

Limit Omaha Poker Game:In limit Omaha poker game, there is a pre-set betting limit applied in the each game and on betting round. In a $5/$10 Limit Omaha Poker game, players can bet and raise in the increments of $5 in the first two betting rounds, and with increments of $10 on the last two betting rounds.
No Limit Omaha Poker Game:   In No Limit Omaha Poker Game, there is no betting limit and players can bet up to all the chips, available with them.   
Pot Limit Omaha Poker Game:In Pot Limit Omaha Poker game, the highest bet or raise can’t exceed the pot amount and the first blinds are set by the table requirements.
Omaha Hi-Lo or Omaha 8 :In Omaha Hi/Lo or Omaha/8 Poker Game, the pot is shared between the highest poker hand and the worst poker hand. To qualify for the lower portion of the pot, all five cards of the hand must be lower than the rank of 9.  If there is no qualifying hand for the worst hand, the whole pot will be awarded to the player having the highest poker hand.